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Thank you so very much for your Excel tip. I use Excel all the time and have been so frustrated at the no-split-screen dilemma. This tip will decrease curse words emanating from my office by at least 1000%!

Now maybe I can go get a phone that supports Apple Pay! :)

Anthony Demangone

Peter- I'm glad you enjoyed it! The first time I saw it done, I practically fell out of my chair. Hope all is well with you!

- Anthony

Kevin Smith

Great Tip Anthony — In the spirit of the post, try this next time you want to post video: https://www.screenr.com (It's free!)

Screenr is an interesting way to share a screencast (recording of your screen) online without installing a program on your computer; it requires Java to work. You select an area on your screen which you want to record (max: 5 minutes). All recordings are saved into your account.


Like Peter, you have assuredly reduced fits emanating from my office with this sparkly gem. And I can't wait to share it with my neighbor, our CFO!!

Now, where is your guidance on using ApplePay? I'm still sitting in that boat you just got a hand out of...
For some strange reason, I've been a bit hesitant to randomly hit buttons this time.


Anthony Demangone

Thanks, guys!

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