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I would only add that if the "Negative Energy Ratio" is included, it would be a good follow-up to have a "Positive Energy Ratio." This should measure the amount of positive energy and ideas offered during a discussion. Any ratio above zero should be directly attached to a year-end bonus compensation. : )
Also, I am guilty of the "Demangone/What did you say ratio." I am working on that area for improvement. Feels better knowing I'm not the only one who does this, though. Thank you!


Love this one which had me laughing out loud. You're spot on! Just my opinion but I feel these ratios do factor in the success or breakdown of any company's business model and/or culture. Perhaps, they should not be overlooked - or more aptly, consciously ignored. Still chuckling....have a great weekend.

Anthony Demangone

Thanks, guys! I struggle with all of these myself! Some days, my ratio is better than others.

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