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Thank you, Anthony, for the reminder that doors open AND close. Also, thank you for Major Rooney's story that brought tears to my eyes. Not sure which part of the story got me more upset -

" . . . over half the passengers had disregarded the pilot’s request and deboarded." OR

Jacob's story.

Too often, the true sacrifice of what our military does for us is taken for granted. We owe our appreciation to each and every one of them - all of them. From as far back as before we were united to today and tomorrow.

Anthony Demangone


He was an amazing guy - wonderful person, and a great American. He moved the crowd. We gave him $500 on behalf of our association.

- Anthony

PS: Thanks for all you do for NAFCU!


I hope NAFCU invites Major Rooney back to future conferences. Just a thought but, maybe, the 2016 Regulatory Compliance Seminar would be a good fit? : )

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