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Steve Van Beek

Great message Anthony!!

And, the "alt text" over the photo is even better!! Well done!

Anthony Demangone

Steve, there's a great debate between "scratch" and "pick." I am of the scratch side of the debate. Others are not so convinced.

Have a wonderful 4th. May it be "Pure Michigan."

Mark Arnold


Thanks for sharing your marathon story and how we should encourage others. I recently "completed" my fifth my marathon. I have "completed" in quotes because I had sever leg cramps the last several miles. They were so bad at the end, that I literally crawled on my hands and knees to the finish line. Some people actually picked me up and carried me across the line. With our co-workers, there are times we need to cheer them up and times we need to pick them up.

Congrats on finishing your marathon on your own two feet and NOT winding up in the medical tent with two IVs (like I did).


Anthony Demangone

Mark - what a wonderful story. Thanks for the comment. (And 5 marathons! That's impressive.)


Great story! Inspiration doesn't have to come with fireworks and whistles. Sometimes it just takes a whisper that lights a spark . . .
Great story. Great accomplishment!

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