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Ken Schroeder, MBCP, MBCI, VP-Business Continuity

1. I tried lowering my voice, but sounded like the under-aged teen-ager trying to buy beer by lowering his voice to make himself sound older (and not get carded). That didn't work.

2. Company policy prohibits hanging stuff on walls. Can't win here. Is it non-participation if I comply? Does that make me a non-team player? Am I a loner if I don't get invited to the party in the first place? Not sure!

3. Don't know about this one. I'm taller than most I work with, but don't seen to have any advantage in promotions. I do get banged in the head more often than others with door frames and low-hanging fixtures.

4. Mother Nature is a cruel master. I'm not going bald, however, at age 40 my forehead did start to grow again (and vigorously at that). Does that count? Someone once said that God made a few perfect heads, and the rest he covered with hair. Does shaving off what one has make one closer to God, and hence more promotable?

Even those of us destined to be in the loser category with these criteria have our place. I'll bet none of the promoted actually read any of my comments. Its their loss!

John Spence

Wow - thank goodness for that last one - as you and I are twin brothers from different mothers. Oh, and I think vests and especially sweater vests are HUGE for showing executive presence and "Alpha Male" status!!


So . . . a deep voiced, tall, bald female will have the same chance as the deep voiced, tall bald male to become CEO? ; )

What are the attributes found in most female CEO's?

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