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Ken Schroeder, MBCP, MBCI, VP-Business Continuity

That's a great list of 10 (er--make that 9) laws.

I'm in the business continuity world, and Law 7 is something I've been preaching for years, especially in the crisis management world. You'll never have enough time for the perfect decision. You'll never have enough information for the perfect decision. You'll never have the right people for a perfect decision.

No, Virginia, there is no perfect decision. In fact, its worse than that. Lack of a decision is a state of in-action. It is a state of paralysis.

Even a bad decision initiates action. Using the time-tested "Plan, Do, Check, Act" gives you a methodology for correcting the flaws in any decision. If you never get to the "Do" part of that management loop, you'll never get anywhere.

Great Piece. Thanks

Anthony Demangone

Thanks, Ken! I hope you don't mind my playing around with the "10" laws. I was trying to make the point that often, we have a preconceived notion of what the end product should look like. We start with the headline, and then write to fit it. I tried to pan that idea a bit!

Great points, by the way. I couldn't agree more!

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