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You have just spoken to the heart of my most favorite subject . . . before I became an NCCO, I acquired my Master's degree in Aeronautical Science! So many lessons in Apollo 13! And, they travelled to the moon with the computer equivalent of what we now have in our mathematical calculators! Technology today, coupled with the lessons you mention above . . . there is no end to what we can accomplish (in ALL areas!) if we put our minds to it! Thank you for this post. I loved it!

Anthony Demangone

DJ - thanks for the nice note. I love the way you think - there really is nothing beyond our capabilities. It is just a matter of focus, effort, and resources.

Ketterman Rowland & Westlund

Great story. The part about the directors saying “How can we help?” is the part that sticks in my mind.

Paul Wilkinson

Great, inspirational case for leadership and effective collaboration to create high performing teams. We use this case within our Apollo 13 business simulation game to help teams learn lessons in leadership and collaboration. Here is an example http://tadafur.com/making-the-seemingly-impossible-possible/

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