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Ray Hasson

Anthony, you asked for tips. Here's two that I saw in one of my first supervisors: 1. Control the Flood - everything that rolls downhill doesn't need to be dumped onto your team. Information, praise and recognition, yes. The rest,think long and hard about passing it on.
2. It is your decision - once you've suggested constructive change to assigned projects and been told that it's going to be done as assigned you need to take ownership of the task. "I've been told to..." or, "They've told us..." is not leading.

Anthony Demangone

Ray - those are good. Thanks for sharing!

Kirstin Orr

I love these! One of my favorites and one that I think is spot on is "#6 Be decisive. A quality leader needs to make decisions and stick to them."

I heard somewhere that it doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong. As a leader, you just have to make a decision...maybe I heard that from Boardwalk Empire (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0979432/), but nonetheless I thought it was so true. Of course, a good leader takes ownership of those decisions that maybe didn't turn out with the best results, but making the decision in the first place can often be more important than the result when thinking about perceptions of one as a leader.

Thanks for sharing these Anthony!

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